Design Your Future

Real World Academy (RWA) is a national social enterprise and nonprofit educational consulting organization headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, USA.

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Our purpose is to prepare students for the real world.

To level the playing field by providing strategic, customized, and fully integrated tools to diverse students so that they can attain post-secondary success.


Ability is equally distributed, while opportunity is not.

Too often, students are not taught the skills and values necessary for success after receiving a diploma or degree.  RWA creates original content and services so every student gets the opportunity to design their future.

We help discover and foster students’ passions for personal growth. This helps them gain the motivation and fulfillment they’ll feel as young professionals over time.

Our Approach

We are the only organization to provide college counseling and career readiness training for students from their freshman year of high school through and beyond their senior year of college. We provide original curriculum, virtual mentorship, access to internships, and exclusive resources to secure employment.

Through our high school institutes and college institutes, we provide consulting to support the college application process, meet all deadlines, offer career planning tools, personalized web-based college admissions, and access to a network of internship opportunities.

Our approach to counseling is both holistic and academically driven.

For this reason, we specialize in the following areas:

What Students Say About RWA

Being part of the Real World Academy taught me many things. It taught me how to be proactive in school by being involved in multiple extracurricular activities. It also taught me to push myself with work. This year I decided to push myself and take 3 AP courses. I think younger high school students should join RWA because it teaches you how to be a successful person.

My experience being in Real World Academy was tremendous because it helped me stay determined, focused, and helped me get out of my comfort zone by taking honors history and AP classes.

Joining RWA helped me to look into taking more advanced classes and make the decision to take 3 Honors classes and 1 AP. And this helped me to challenge myself and has helped prepare me for college. I would recommend RWA to other students because it taught me different things about the college process and to push myself harder in school.

Being a member of RWA has been extremely beneficial to me in the long run sophomore and junior year because it encouraged me to take difficult classes that I didn’t think I could take yet I excelled in them. With the mentorship and leadership of the mentors at RWA, I was able to become more than what I already was and I am forever grateful for their commitment to help their students get ahead in life.

(Real World Academy) taught me to be more aware of the college steps and pushed me to figure out what I want to do when I go to college in every aspect: financially, mentally, and for future job positions.

(Real World Academy) taught me that fear comes from a lack of understanding and forgiveness comes from understanding the person. I did not realize that the reason I had trouble forgiving people is because I did not understand their reasons.

(Real World Academy) taught me to push myself more into my passion.

After taking this class, I will take more actions to approach my goals instead of letting fear consume me or wait for things to go my way.

After taking this class, I would start thinking about the outcome of situations before acting quickly.

I liked all of the information Real World Academy provided about proving my worth, making a better resume, looking up jobs and presenting my 30 second pitch.

Help Us Change Lives

Together we can make a difference. Real World Academy is proud to donate a portion of all service fees to sponsor individuals who are unable to pay for our services. To learn more about our charitable organization, read how we are changing lives.

Exclusive Resource Board

Our “FUTURE LEADERS RESOURCE BOARD” is home to members of Real World Academy only.


Contact us for how to join our community.