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We serve struggling high school and college students through our 1:1 consulting services, and collaborate with community partners to provide RWA content to as many people as possible.

Through our all-encompassing set of tools and ecosystem of mentors, each of our students develop a unique template for post-high school and college success.

Check out our High School and College Institutes:

Real World Academy’s

High School Institutes

College Planning

We offer comprehensive, individually tailored programs to help guide students throughout the process of selecting a college, already engaged in a college application process, or even considering transferring from a college. Our proven methodology ensures that students get into their best fit colleges.

  • College Match & Profile Assessment
  • Class Curriculum Counselling
  • Scholarship Resources & Financial Planning
  • Freshman 1st Semester Readiness
  • Essay Review & Editing

Career Planning

Our agents assist students by helping them better understand their skills, strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and personality types which allows the students to have a holistic and better understanding of themselves.  By doing so, it allows the agents and students to work together in making decisions that are customized, accurate and better suited to meet the students needs.

  • The educational commitment required for various careers
  • The potential earnings of various careers
  • Preferred daily working environment (e.g. office vs outdoors; fast paced vs laid back; collaborative/team vs. autonomous, etc.)
  • The opportunities for change or advancement in a particular career. Some careers are more flexible than others.

The services offered during career planning are:

  • Career Vocation Counselling
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Creation/Review Editing

Tools & Resources

We provide a range of tools and resources  to engage students in college and career readiness, whether at a class or home.

  • Software that helps students manage deadlines
  • An online tool that provides students with the earliest access and updates to the college essay questions
  • A tool that provides students with exclusive online access to College Fairs and Events associated with their selected major
  • They can create, manage, and track college applications. Similarly, for agents and mentors, they will have access to the student database and manage their students’ progress through a customized  dashboard that has been created.

School Research

  • All the information the students need regarding college will be available in one place.
  •  Compare colleges and universities ( e.g. geography, acceptance rate, cost etc.)
  • Keep track of and compare against admission outcomes.
  • Turn personal knowledge into common knowledge.

College Matching

Our intelligent Reach/Target/Likely algorithm takes into account a student’s profile and the school’s historical data before creating a personalized recommendation.

College Visits

Agents can look up details, send broadcast announcements to students, and manage registrations and deadlines. They can also organize and manage college representative visits or college fairs without the hassle.

Reports & Insights

Agents drill down into the data to understand what programs are working and which factors affect application results. They can analyze class profiles, student data, expected outcomes, matriculation rates, and more, then export a PDF for simple sharing.


Agents can:

  • Assign different types of assessments for different groups of students.
  • Send assessments and track completion status on a simple dashboard.
  • Both the mentor and their student receive a copy of the results for discussion.

The assessments provide insight into areas like personality type and learning style which help students gain a greater understanding of the types of school environments that best suits them.

Task lists

Agents can quickly build task lists made of individual tasks and then assign them to students. The platform can assign task lists to students matching pre-set criteria.

Resume Builder

Agents can generate resumes automatically using student profiles. The resume can be downloaded from the student dashboard, and re-edited in a Word document.

Letters of Recommendation

Students request recommendations from advisors who manage and write proposals. Counselors can track the overall status of the letter of advice, provide helpful nudges, and deliver them.

Real World Academy’s

College Institutes

The National College Freshman Institute (NCFI) is the first program for participants and is hosted the second week in August. It is the “gateway” to participate in all of the other NCI programs and receive all of the NCI services. This program is designed to prepare incoming freshmen and transfers for what they are to expect while attending a four-year college/university for the first time. It is also their introduction to career readiness training and an opportunity to speak with professionals in a variety of fields.

All participants who successfully complete the Freshman Institute will be awarded a stipend and access to the Newark College Institute and Real World Academy’s various programs and services!

Participants take a variety of professional and personal development workshops to get them prepared for college and their careers, such as:

  • Surviving the First Year of College
  • Art of Communication
  • Mastering Your Wallet
  • Success Begins With Attitude
  • Secrets of Financial Aid

Participants get to sit down with seasoned professionals and ask questions regarding their career interests, college majors, and future goals.

Participants get to hear from special guest speakers based in Newark, looking to share their story and hire local talent.

Eligible candidates must be a:

  • Freshman entering any 4-year college or university in the world for the first time, OR;
  • Freshman entering Essex County College for the first time, OR;
  • Transfer from any 2-year college to any 4-year college or university in the world for the first time.​
  • There is NO age limit
  • There is NO income limit
  • There is NO GPA, SAT, or ACT requirement
  • Graduate students are ineligible
  • Can not have participated in a previous Freshman Institute​​​​

The National College Institute provides career coaches for all of those who successfully complete the Freshman Institute. The career coaches help participants get adjusted to college life and discuss short and long term academic and career goals in their first semester. The career coaches then begin working with the participants on preparing for summer internships in their second semester.

The National College Institute Winter Retreat is an event held annually, every January, after New Year’s Day and before the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. This event is composed of a teamwork activity, networking sessions, pre-internship training, and a social outing. It is designed to help participants gain skills, meet other participants who are a part of NCI, network with senior-level professionals who are employed in their desired field, and participate in fun, learning activities with a chance to win prizes.

The NCI Winter Retreat occurs in January, after New Year’s Day and before Dr. King’s birthday. The retreat generally spans across two days and consists of a team building exercise, networking opportunities with senior executives in various fields, and a series of pre-summer internship workshops. The Winter Retreat is the only time when all Newark College Institute participants, from around the world, are able to come together in fellowship and network with one another.

The NCI Winter Retreat is currently sponsored by Rutgers University – Newark and the South Ward Children’s Alliance.


During the first day, participants compete as teams in exercises meant to challenge their leadership, organizational, and critical thinking skills. The goal is to have the participants walk away with a better understanding of their level of preparedness to enter the workforce.


Half of day one is all about networking. Senior executives from all backgrounds, occupations, and industries come to the Winter Retreat to share their personal story of how they made it to the top of their profession, how they started their own business, and how they overcame personal and professional challenges. Participants have an opportunity to ask these individuals important questions that help with choosing the right major or determining what opportunities await them upon graduation. Some of these executives are looking for interns and this is a perfect opportunity for participants to practice their “elevator pitch”.

Some of our guest speakers include:

  • Anthony Villano, VP of Prudential
  • Robert Thomas, Chief of Energy & Environment, City of Newark
  • Ryan Curran, Partner of Curran Unger LLP
  • Pre-Internship Workshops

On day two, participants are fully engrossed in pre-internship training. These workshops are a continuation of the topics discussed in the NCFI. Pre-internship workshops are specifically geared to get participants ready to secure a paid summer internship. Such workshops include:

  • Resume Writing
  • Art of Communications II
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Networking 101
  • Managing Your Brand

This includes internships, externships, apprenticeships, and job shadowing. These are temporary opportunities that allow participants to be placed with our private, public, and nonprofit partners to hone their talents and gain hands-on experiences. RWA provides participants with a structured experience designed to help them practice and demonstrate the skills and behaviors necessary for success in the workforce.

Pricing Information

RWA offers personalized pricing and packages that fit your needs to help you thrive beyond the classroom. For more information, schedule a conversation with our team.

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